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Tableless Coding

Tableless Coding

The Tableless Coding design is a special HTML coding development that is not depend on the older and rigid HTML that helps in developing table less layouts with the help of table less templates. In brief tableless template designs are a method where the page layouts are controlled without the help of HTML tables.

In tableless template designs the text and other elements are arranged with the help of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). The CSS tableless design is modified in manners that improve the accessibility of the web. Besides, tableless design is more search engine friendly. This attribute increase its demand in today’s web designing.

First and foremost benefits of removing tables from the website can noticeably improve your search engine rankings. This happens due to less un-indexable code. The search engine’s spider has to move through understandable content. The higher and sooner the search engine spider reads your content the code percentage of pages comes up. It is known that most search engines has set limits on how long a spider is allowed to spend reading a given page. If the spider reaches that limit before the given time frame you web pages displayed in top rankings vis-à-vis if search engine spider unable to read your content in given slot your content your rankings will suffer.

The designing of tableless website removes the table and saves website bandwidth up to 75%. It is known that bandwidth is expensive and the larger the website grows the increases the hosting fees or bandwidth fees. The tableless websites also reduces the storage space on server and the size of the files reduced considerably. The less bandwidth and less storage space help in faster loading of pages on the web browser, which allows faster access of products and information.

The table layout based web design needs considerable amounts of development, editing and redesign time that increases the maintenance cost of website. While tableless design can save time and cost involved. A tableless CSS based websites allows to have complete control over every aspect of website look in a single style sheet. In tableless websites one line code is needed to bring significant change in website instantly. The cost effective and time saving character of tableless CSS makes it the hottest stuff of web designing.

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